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What is (Chat GPT), how does it work and what are the areas of its use

The chat GPT chatbot, which is based on artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence), has been able to grab the spotlight since its first release in November 2022, after it created an unprecedented revolution in the world of artificial intelligence with its amazing abilities to conduct conversations and respond to queries in a natural language way.
With its capabilities, ChatGPT has been able to outperform most other well-known applications in terms of uses and speed of deployment.
A study by UBS Bank, Switzerland, showed that the application started at the forefront of applications that occurred in the high rate of enrollment in the number of programs since the inception of the use of the Internet more than 20 years ago.
The website of the company, OpenAI, which owns divorce, has become the most used 50 website…
How could this application, programmed on utilitarianism and automated uniqueness, win such a large amount of attention?

What is the Change application

The ChatGPT application is an artificial intelligence chatbot program, developed by Open air and launched in November 2022. It is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4 sets for large language models, and is tuned with an approach (transfer learning Transfer of learning) using enhanced supervised learning techniques.
ChatGPT was launched as a prototype on November 30, 2022, and quickly attracted attention for its detailed responses and detailed answers across many fields of knowledge.
ChatGPT was originally released in November 2022 using GPT-3, but GPT-4, the latest OpenAI model, was released on March 14, 2023, and is available to ChatGPT Plus users as a paid service.
Many applications based on Chatbot technology have been able to reach advanced stages of development, the latest of which was the chatgpt application developed by the American company OpenAI and launched in November 2022.
It is a chat or robotic chat program similar to human conversations that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to answer users ‘ questions and provide them with information and other services on demand, such as writing articles, research, information programming, and artistic production.

What does the abbreviation (GPT )mean

The letters (GPT) included in the name of the application, which means abbreviated: (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), i.e. “pre-trained generative converter”, came as a reference to the application’s reliance on the technology of “generative artificial intelligence generative AI”, which has been being developed for years with the aim of generating new content based on pre-existing data.

How does the ChatGPT app work

How does the ChatGPT app work
How does ChatGPT work?

How does ChatGPT work?

The ChatGPT application works with generative artificial intelligence technology, and the possibilities of this technology range from generating images, sounds, texts to videos, and this technology also trains the artificial intelligence model on a huge range of human production such as books, articles, and drawings.
So the model uses this data to learn the patterns and relationships between the different elements present in it, and after practicing on the data, the model can be used to generate new content by correctly predicting the next element within a series of possible elements.
For example, artificial intelligence does not understand the meaning of the phrase “the student went to school”, but by training him on millions of texts, he has a knowledge base that allows him to estimate that the student is an actor and the school is a place and that it should come dragged, not because artificial intelligence understands what dragging and dragging is, but because he noticed that words always come dragged after the preposition “to” in the texts he trained on, and then the model after sufficient training becomes able to write a sentence like that even if that sentence was not among the data he had previously trained on.
Therefore, if an AI model is trained on a set of data that includes news articles, it will be able to generate new articles that resemble them so that they cannot be distinguished from articles written by humans.
Processing “processing natural language processing“.
Image generation services work in a similar way based on the “computer vision” technology, as artificial intelligence can generate new images based on previously existing images that it has trained on, for example, if a model is trained on images containing faces, it becomes able to generate images of new faces that do not resemble those it has trained on, but they look very realistic.

What is the technology of generative artificial intelligence

Almost 15 years ago, Voice Typing applications were – almost – a fantasy so that human voice speech could be converted into written speech on a computer screen, so the experience of the IBM via Voice program was among the experiments that went in this direction.
It is a program that tries to understand the sound it hears and analyze it into tonal passages that enable it to record the audio fingerprint in parallel with memorizing the read text. if it hears a passage from it again, it begins the process of decoding it so that it can recall the corresponding text.
In addition, the program corrects the words that it has previously recognized incorrectly by hearing them from the user more than once-automatically – in voice tones with a uniform pronunciation of the same text, in order to improve the quality and accuracy of decoding in any subsequent recall process, an accuracy that did not exceed 80% with its importance at that time.
Since applications and computer programs began to be connected to the internet, and then share their use and update via the internet by a wide audience of users all the time, applications have become learning more and more, unlike the IBM via Voice program, whose mentor and trainer was the user alone, the need was for Chatbot technology, which is gradually able to teach itself through continuous use over the internet. 
Chatbot applications, or “robotic chat”, are programs designed to intelligently simulate human conversations online, through text or voice typing, text-to-speech, or vice versa, and use a mechanism to check the words entered into it, sort them into keywords, and then pull the response with the most matching and best-worded keywords from the texts stored on them in the database. Such programs are often integrated into conversational systems for various purposes. 
The first use of these applications was in the field of customer service by large commercial companies and some interactive internet sites that rely on the communication of the public with each other, such as Facebook, Twitter and Telegram, until reliance on this technology became common in applications used in many companies, sites and a certain category of users.

The assessment of the quality of applications with Chatbot technology depends on three basic factors:

  1. – First: the factor of the effort expended in its training and education by its developer or users.
  2. – Second: the factor of the amount on which you rely from the information. 
  3. – Third: the factor of the time it takes for the creation and development process to reach the stage of good application.
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